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 Video Fiber Optic Teansmission Equipment

Metal cable has two problems, in the transmission distance of more than 700 meters, the camera's signal reaches the display will be a serious loss, the monitor can not see anything.
Also encountered a strong magnetic field, strong electric field interference when the image can not be displayed properly, in most cases is what is not clear. To solve these two questions is to give up the use of metal cable, and use optical fiber to transmit signals. What is the use of video fiber optic teansmission equipment?

Because the fiber has a wide transmission bandwidth, large capacity, free from electromagnetic interference, by the external environment, and many other advantages, a fiber can be transmitted in the monitoring system needs all the signals, transmission distance can reach hundreds of kilometers.
Optical transceiver can provide one-way and multi-channel image interface, can also provide two-way audio interface, one way and multiple types of two-way data interface (including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, etc.), integrated into a fiber transmission.
Reduce wire material costs.

Optical transceiver for the monitoring system provides a flexible mode of transmission and networking, signal quality, high stability.

Compatible PAL \ SECAM \ NTSC variety of formats, in a fiber optic transmission of video data, the application of highways \ Bank \ Power \ Telecom \ will be converted to digital video signals transmitted over fiber, remote video conferencing \ Teaching \ telemedicine \ telecommunications and other fields are widely used. (Fiber FC interface, video BNC interface \ RS485 \ RS232 \ RS422\HDMI)

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