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   Fiber optic connectors commonly used types   

Fiber and Video Fiber Optic Transmission equipment in the field of monitoring is mainly to solve two major problems: First, transmission distance, the other is the environmental interference.

Twisted pair and coaxial cable can only solve the short distance, a small range of monitoring image transmission problems, if you need to transmit a few kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers away from the image signal on the need to use fiber optic transmission.

In addition, for some super-interference sites, in order not to be affected by environmental interference, but also the use of optical fiber transmission,Because the fiber has a wide transmission bandwidth, large capacity, free from electromagnetic interference by the external environment is relatively small and many other advantages,
An optical fiber can be transmitted in the monitoring system needs all the signals, transmission distance can reach hundreds of kilometers.

Video Fiber Optic Transmission equipment provides a flexible transmission and networking mode for the monitoring system. The signal quality is good and the stability is high.
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(Video Fiber Optic Transmission equipment – >
Compatible PAL \ SECAM \ NTSC variety of formats, in a fiber optic transmission of video data, the application of highways \ Bank \ Power \ Telecom \ will be converted to digital video signals transmitted over fiber, remote video conferencing \ Teaching \ telemedicine \ telecommunications and other fields are widely used. (Fiber FC interface, video BNC interface \ RS485 \ RS232 \ RS422)

Telephone communication voice converter fiber optic to RJ11 PCM multiplexer,
Telephone optical transmitter. – > The use of fiber optic signal remote transmission (support caller ID \ support fax \ security lightning) Support PCM voice, an optical interface, a network interface, telephone interface (up to 32).

Coaxial cable extension program

The original wireless routing bridge is very unstable,
With the use of the original TV coaxial line to achieve the network cable function.
Can be achieved 2 km distance transmission.

        10/100/1000M Media Converter, Gigabit ethernet to fiber optic media converter,ingle-mode or multimode Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter ,singlemode up to 20~60Km

10 / 100 / 1000M Commercial grade \ Industrial grade Fiber Switch

24V / 48V PoE Fiber Switch / Netcom POE with LCD display monitoring

Optical power meter \ line break, short-circuit detection \ network cable, telephone lines, network HD, coaxial IP HD line test 

Fiber Optic Splitter (1*2,1*4,1*8,1*16,1*32,1*64)

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