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Product name : POS wireless phone access machine
Product No. : 201592111238
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GSM wireless access equipment
wireless phone access machine can pick pos machine

GSM platform Product Overview: GSM versatile platform, you just an ordinary GSM mobile phone network card plugged in the platform, and then plug an ordinary telephone to become a wireless telephone. Be your mobile office phone! You can also connect the company's switch, recording card as an access. Take advantage of cheap calls!

installation method:
1. The antenna is securely connected to the platform behind the antenna jack

2. Insert the SIM card into the rear platform of the SIM card holder and lock

3. Connect the phone cable into the back of the phone jack to the platform

4. Connect the power supply to dial, wait for the device search for Internet telephony

Power :110-250V
Input voltage: DC5V, current 1A
Weight: 0.12 kg
Dimensions: 112x71x25mm

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