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Product name : 2G9005W1
Product No. : 201591114045
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5W GSM Booster 900mhz cell phone repeater GSM repeater GSM amplifier Mobile phone signal booster


Frequency: 890 - 915MHz (Up Link); 935 - 960MHz (Down Link)
Max Output Power: 5W
Repeater Gain: 80 dB
Power Supply: AC 100V - 240V
Repeater Coverage: Up to 5000 Square Meters
Impedance: 50 ohms
Working Temperature: -15 to 55 degree centigrade
Dimension: Appr. 245*210*52 (mm)

Scope of application:

1) signal blind area of small area or weak signal area: such as underground or semi-underground place of business, small basement, underground parking, etc

2) small hot signals complaints area: such as conference room, small supermarkets, shopping malls, office rooms and small public areas, etc

3) traffic and social influence of big area: bars, Internet cafes, dance halls, cafes, fitness clubs, leisure entertainment, etc

4) elevator, especially in the elevator shaft inconvenient to lay cables of the elevator

5) family, office, luxurious yacht, car, * * system and road safety management and so on

6) there is no signal within a large workshop

Function characteristics:

1) high gain of linear power amplifier

2) automatic level control

3) low noise receiving amplifier

4) there is no disturbance to the base station, opening without need of the original system and the base station parameter to adjust

5) stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design

6) do not cause the increase of base station background noise, will not lead to a drop in the quality of base station communication

7) in full-duplex communication way

8) cooling effective and reasonable, beautiful structure, volume is appropriate

Package Contents:

1x 900MHz Repeater
1x Power Supply (USA, AU, UK & EU standard optional)

Unit Type: piece
Package Weight:3.200kg (7.05lb.)

Package Size:37cm x 28cm x 13cm (14.57in x 11.02in x 5.12in)

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