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Product name : CD003
Product No. : 2015828142324
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 3000 square meters (30000 sq ft.) coverage area,3W(40dBm)Power 85dB Gain
CDMA 850MHz booster/repeater

  • BSH Amplifier
  • 3W(40dBm) Power,85dB Gain Amplifier
  • 850MHz signal booster ( CDMA )
  • Up to 3000 square meters(3,0000 sq ft.) coverage area
  • Work in all country's CDMA 850MHz signal
  • Easy to install and simple to use.
Signal booster for CDMA 850Mhz


Operating voltage: AC 100V-240V automatic power adjustment (with high and low temperature characteristics) .
Operating frequency range:   824--849Mhz  (Uplink)  ;       869MHz---894MHz(Downlink )
Gain:  75dB ( uplink ) ; 80 ( downlink )
Output Power: 33dBm
Flatness: 3dB
Noise figure:  3dB 
In wave ratio:  1.4 (V.S.W.R)
Device delay: 1s
Spurious Radiation: -39dBm
Power: 3dbm ( equal to 2 W ) 
Size (H x W x D): 270X210x50mm
Main power: AC 100-220V (used AC/DC 9Vdc)
Netweight : 3kg
Cover :3000 square meters max. to cover in open air ( also it will be different according to your using condition ) 

Package inclued:
1*signal booster;
1*power adaptor;
1*user manual.

This product have only power adaptor . Does not come with any accessories of cable , connectors and antennas . You need to buy extraly.

Applications :
The amplifier small, practical, mainly for small customers, family, hotel, hotels, basements, car parks, offices and other occasions. Signal strength, simple to install mobile phone signal amplifier is the most prominent feature of the various properties of this amplifier repeater close to large professional standards, a variety of indicators and technical indicators are considered expansion of the international advanced level, in considering the ultra-high performance while also consider the low price.

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